Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Conditions Of Sale

Contract: By placing a bid you are entering a legal and binding contract. Upon placing a bid, you are promising to pay for your purchases in a timely manner according to terms of this agreement. Non-paying bidders will be added to the No Bid list. A non-payment fee will be added to your bill for Legal & Processing fees. A minimum of $500 will be applied. We will turn it over to our collection agency and will prosecute to the full extent of the law. Please do not bid if you do not intend to pay.


Payment Information: PAYMENT – All items must be paid in full within 24 hours of receiving an invoice from us. We accept Visa – Master Card & Discover as form of payment by calling our office @ 937-547-3202 and PayPal payments are accepted by sending payment to [email protected]. Buyers can pay with PayPal or through our credit card processor WEPAY or call our office with credit card information for payment. We do not accept personal checks or money orders.


All items that are not paid by the due date become property of the Auction Gallery and may be resold at the Galleries’ discretion.


Shipping Information: All items will be shipped within 7 to 10 days after the auction or 72 hours of receiving payment for your purchases.


INVOICING: Internet bid winners may receive one invoice for bid winning and a separate invoice for shipping and handling charges. We reserve the right to make two charges to your credit card: one charge for the items purchased, and a separate charge for the applicable shipping. In most cases we will only send one invoice that includes Shipping & Handling fees. We package the items prior to invoicing so we can more accurately charge for Shipping & Handling. Live auction attendee bid winners shall receive one invoice.


LEGAL POSSESSION: Bidders agree to inquire and conform to any legal requirements regarding buying, receiving, owning or storing an item before bidding on an item. By bidding, the bidder professes he/she has a legal right to buy and receive an item.

In some countries it is illegal to ship certain items such as coins, jewelry, and gold & silver. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know whether or not it is legal for us to ship. Illegal items will not be shipped.


SHIPPING: All shipping and handling charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Here at Edwards Auctions, packages less than 70lbs. are processed by our professional shipping & packaging team. We do not contract out shipping to a third party. Items that weigh less than 70 lbs. are shipped Parcel Select, PRIORITY mail or Media Mail. We may ship UPS If we find it cheaper to ship. Additionally, packages that contain any hazardous materials–liquids, firearms, ammunition–are required to go through UPS. If more than one item is purchased we will combine shipping. Shipping Charges are billed to your credit card, in some cases separately from your winning bid invoice. We normally wrap, pack, box, measure & weigh all items and print labels for shipping. We will then send an invoice for your purchases with the shipping and handling fees included in the total. PLEASE NOTE: You may receive an e-mail with USPS tracking information, but this does not mean that your items have been shipped. This is simply a notification e-mail indicating that a label has been created and USPS can expect a package to be shipped.

All items will be shipped with insurance. To file a claim for damaged items you must send photos of the damaged items and photos of the box the items were shipped in. Without these photos I cannot and will not give refunds. Cost of shipping is not refundable. If you do not want insurance you must call and request no insurance! Uninsured items are shipped at your own risk. No refunds! No credit will be issued for non-insured items!


We try to keep the shipping and handling fees to a minimum. We will combine items as much as possible. We cannot control the cost of shipping.


Please keep in mind shipping is expensive! Costs are affected by the size and weight of items as well as buyers’ geographic location. The heavier & larger the package is, or the further away a buyer lives, the more expensive the shipping will be.


SMALL PACKAGES: In most cases we only charge an extra $2 or $3 dollars to help cover the cost of the time and material for the smaller packages. We do not charge for boxes we get for free. We reuse as much packaging material as we can in order to avoid charging for the material. If you want all new packaging material, we must charge accordingly and you must request New Packaging material. We must charge for boxes, and packaging materials that we purchase.


LARGE PACKAGES: For the larger individual items and purchases of large lots of multiple items, we will combine items in the same box. We will ship around 50 lbs. per box. In most cases we have large free boxes. Sometimes we do not, although our boxes are priced reasonably.


Prices: (1) Large Box 18x18x24 = $4.00 – (1) Med. Box 16x18x18 = $3.00 – (1) Small Box 12x12x16 = $2.00

We must charge for new bubble wrap and peanuts when necessary. Please keep this in mind. Packaging multiple, small items is time consuming. Time is money. We wrap, pack, double box and do the best we can to insure your items arrive safe. This takes time. Time is $10.00 per man per hour.

Any Item weighing over 70 pounds is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange for shipping.

Non-shippable items, and items for which we cannot obtain a box, or items weighing over 70lbs. are totally the responsibility of the winning bidder. This means you as the winning bidder must make all arrangements to have the item picked up by the shipper, packed and boxed, and subsequently shipped. Our responsibility ends once your designated carrier/shipper picks the item up from the auction house and signs for it. All correspondence from that point forward would be between you and your carrier/shipper.

Delivery of large items over 70 lbs. is available by my company with in The United States at $2.00 per loaded Mile, based on GPS Directions.


STORAGE: We will store oversize items for ten (10) days from the close of auction date at no charge. On the eleventh (11) day after close of auction, a five ($5.00) dollar per day, per item, storage fee shall apply.. Any bidder who fails to provide timely payment of accumulated storage fees after thirty (10) days shall be subject to having the item re-sold at auction to pay for accumulated storage fees. All items will be sold at auction without reserve and sold regardless of price, for which any monies received shall be retained wholly by the Auction Gallery as payment, to satisfy administrative, processing and storage expenses.

For online buyers who wish to pick up their items: You must call our office at 937-547-3202 to let us know you will be picking up your items or they will be packaged and shipped. All items need to be picked up by Wednesday following the auction. Our office will be open from 7am-11am and 12pm-5 pm Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. We are available after 5pm by appointment only.


Condition of Items: The auctioneer is not responsible for the condition of the items sold. Coins are not graded by auctioneer. Please use your own judgment to condition and grade of any item. Again, please ask questions before you bid. We cannot accept returns.